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Ahn Joong-Geun, Ahn Jung Geun, or An Jung-geun (September 2, 1879 – March 26, 1910) is one of the most respected Korean heros and was a soldier of Korean independence army. He was a pacifist and pan-Asianist.

On October 26, 1909, he killed Itō Hirobumi, a four-time Prime Minister of Japan and former Resident-General of Korea, following the signing of the illegal Eulsa Treaty, with Korea on the verge of annexation by Japan as an officer of Korean Indepence Army which was engaged with a war against imperial Japan. 
Ahn was posthumously awarded the Republic of Korea Medal of Order of Merit for National Foundation in 1962 by the Korean Government, the most prestigious civil decoration in the Republic of Korea, for his efforts for Korean independence.[9]  

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Ahn Joong Geun Biography - by Jong Bhak Ahn Joong Geun in Media


Although he was Korean general fighting against imperilist Japan in early 1900s, he had a broad vision of the world peace including Asian peace and unity. He was a learned man with an impressive integerity and is a model figure as a partriot and pacifist in Korea. His vision of the Pan Asian peace was passionate and practical enough to decide to assassinate the master mind of Japanese imperialism in the East. He stopped him. Unfortunately, the world did not pay attension enough to understand the political disaster coming to happen in Far East among Russia, Japan, China, and Korea. Eventually, Japan invaded Pearl Harbour and committed unfathomable scale of cruelty and towards other Asians and her own people, the Japanese. It also led to nuclear bomb attack by US.

It is particularly poignant as he wanted peace for Japan and in a way he did what he did for Japanese people as well.

He knew any suppression of other nations and people would lead all of us to wars and disasters. He fought against that and the first step was to keep his country independent. He failed and it was the failure of all of us, the Japanese, the Korean, and the Chinese.

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